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30 minutes


This time-slot is for basic issues such as changes in vaginal discharge or odor, yeast infection or UTI symptoms, IUD string-checks, basic problem-visits, and follow-up for established issues that we might be working on together.

1 hour


This time-slot allows the midwife to take a complete and thorough history of the problem, learn about your body by asking pertinent questions, perform any necessary physical assessments, and brainstorm a plan with you that is individualized and patient-focused. Please book this appointment time if you need hormonal evaluation and/or management, if you are struggling with Postpartum Depression and/or anxiety, etc.


$50: Routine asymptomatic (meaning no symptoms) STI Screening (typically collected between well-visits).

$25: Suspected uncomplicated UTI or Vaginal Infection with very mild symptoms that does not require a full appointment for discussion (as determined by the midwife). You will come in for a self-swab or urine collection.


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