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Contraception Management

There are so many options for contraception, and you're in luck because I LOVE talking about birth control. Whether you're happy with your method and you just need a refill or you're ready to talk about switching it up (or going off of it completely), I'm here to help you make decisions. Click the links below to learn about your options!

Our Services


30-minute appointment


  • Refills

  • Basic trouble-shooting or changes to birth control methods

  • IUD consultations

  • IUD insertions


1 hour visit


  • For issues  requiring in-depth history-taking and trouble-shooting plan. 

  • Counseling for those who have NO idea what birth control method would be right for you.


Deeply Discounted Devices

Plus Cost of Insertion


  • Insurance typically covers IUDs and Nexplanons, so come in for a consult so we can order your device prior to insertion day! 

  • No insurance?  Ask about our deeply discounted IUD pricing! 

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